Today’s Private Investigator


   What do you think of when you hear the term private investigator? Do you immediately think of some suspicious character snooping around trying to catch a cheating spouse, or someone driving an expensive sports car whose days are filled with action and adventure? Maybe it’s a rogue individual who will break the law or do whatever it takes to find information that could solve a case? Many people have preconceived notions and misconceptions about whom private investigators are and what it is they do.

   Most private investigators are not action heroes who get into high speed car chases. Nor are they above the law or allowed any special legal considerations. They are licensed and regulated professionals that must follow the law and guidelines set forth by the state(s) that they practice in. Yes, there are plenty that specialize in matters of infidelity but there are also many investigative firms that are providing a wide variety of services to industries like yours.

   In reality, professional investigative firms are routinely providing services to numerous fields including law firms, retail businesses, corporations, HR professionals and insurance companies. Many investigators work to assist clients in the decision making process, providing them with critical information or solving problems they might be facing such as employee related issues.

   Over the next several weeks, I will be discussing various industries that an investigative agency may aid and the specific services provided to that particular business. We will be covering:

  • The Legal Community
  • Retail Establishments
  • Corporations
  • HR Departments
  • Insurance Companies
  • Security and EHS Directors

   We encourage your questions and feedback.