Today’s Private Investigator Part Two: Legal Professionals



Private Investigators provide invaluable services to a variety of industries, but none more prominent than their work in the legal community. Attorneys and law firms frequently rely on detective agencies to assist them with cases in civil litigation, criminal defense, personal injury, business, probate and family law. Although these areas of law may require specific investigative strategies, several functions are often performed across all sectors. Some of the most common tasks provided include:

  • Locating and Interviewing Witnesses
  • Gathering Background Information on Individuals
  • Verifying Information and Finding Supporting Sources
  • Tracking Down Assets
  • Conducting Surveillances
  • Performing Interviews
  • Taking Photos of Accident/Incident Scenes, Injuries and Relevant Items
  • Serving Court Process
  • Skip Tracing
  • Vetting Individuals or Businesses

In addition to investigative assistance, agencies may also provide litigation support such as:

  • Proposing Investigative Strategies
  • Preparing Affidavits & Legal Papers
  • Filing Court Documents
  • Developing Diagrams and Court Presentations
  • Locating/Providing Subject Matter Experts

When an investigator aids an attorney or law firm they must always conduct all activities in a manner that is court admissible, following local, state and federal laws. It is also possible that the detective may be required to testify in court to either verify their findings or to support/contradict the testimony of others. These results and/or testimony can also be utilized to impeach witnesses.  

In conclusion, private investigators provide a wide array of services to the legal community and can often play a pivotal role in the direction and outcome of a case.

About the Author:

Kai Joy is a private investigator with over twenty years experience. He is the director of NIS Consulting Group, Inc. a Chicago based investigative, security and risk mitigation company. Since it’s inception, the professionals at NIS have been providing investigative services to the legal community and instrumental in the outcome of a variety of cases.

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