Client Comments

Our Commitment to Confidentiality

At NIS, the confidentiality of our clientele is held in the highest regard.  For this reason, we do not disclose a “client list” or post photographs of our personnel with, or near, our clients.  This commitment to confidentiality is, in part, why we have been able to maintain a mostly referral based clientele.  The only items you will find within this site that identify client information derive from endorsements and letters, that have been provided by those clients.

Below, for your review, are a few letters provided by clients.

Microsoft Global Security

My name is Charles Randolph; I am the Director of the Microsoft Global Security’s Executive Protection Unit and its Global Intelligence Team. For over six years Kai Joy and the team at NIS have assisted our executive protection teams by providing advance work, secured transportation, security drivers and support personnel surrounding our activities in the Chicagoland area. We heavily rely upon NIS to assist our protective team in ensuring the safety and continuity of Microsoft’s highest executive echelons during their time in the greater Chicago area (and beyond the city). Additionally, NIS provided all levels of security during the November 2010 launch of our MS store in Oakbrook, IL, which included providing security to several major label recording artists and professional athletes who were part of the launch events.

NIS has maintained this relationship due to their high level of professionalism, well balanced approach and, frankly, their understanding of the environment in which we work. This level of understanding has been the cornerstone for an excellent relationship and has allowed a trust factor with Kai’s group which only a few achieve. It is with great confidence that I write this recommendation and believe NIS would make an excellent multiplier to any protective strategy.

Charles Randolph, PPS
Microsoft Global Security–Executive Protection/Intelligence Unit

ClearChannel Radio

Dear Kai,

I want to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased all of the ClearChannel Radio Stations in Chicago are with the protective, security and crowd control services your fine company has given us over the past few years.

Prior to giving your company that first opportunity to show us what you could do, we had been using another protective services company that we thought was pretty good!!

Since we have started using you, the various stars and events that we have used your services for have all been trouble free. From _________ and all of the other stars we have hired you to protect, the services has been nothing short of TOP SHELF!!

Please feel free to use me as a reference. You can rest assured that I will give your fine company nothing but high praise.

Kai, you should reach out to the various record companies and show promoters. I am confident that with the level of service you provide, many of them will be delighted to use your services.

Good luck, Kai, and just keep on providing excellent service and I have no doubt that the whole entertainment industry will be beating a path to your door.


Marv Dyson
President/General Manager

Tribune Company

Dear Kai,

I wanted to send this note of sincere appreciation for the professional services that you and your staff provided here at Tribune Tower and WGN-TV. From the days after September 11 up to the first weekend of this month, your staff provided quality security services as a supplement to my security staff.

I’m sure I’ll be in contact with you in the near future should additional services be required. Thanks again.


Darryl Marshall
Security Director
Tribune Company

Friends of Battered Women and Their Children

Dear Kai,

On behalf of all of us at Friends of Battered Women and Their Children (“Friends”), I thank you for your generous donation of security services for our Annual Benefit, held on March 3rd at the Chicago Athletic Association.

Both professionally and personally, you and your team were a pleasure to work with.

As you know, I was both relieved and comforted by the protection provided to my staff and me regarding the collection and transport of money. What’s more, after the event, many guests commented on how much they appreciated the security presence in the parking garage.

Please know that your support helps us do what we do best — provide support and resources for women and children affected by domestic violence. As you know, the Annual Benefit is one of our largest fundraisiers. And thanks to the support of you and your company, this year’s event was a safe and secure success!

Sincerely yours,

Michele L. Stauff
Director of Development

International Interior Design Association (IIDA)

Noble Investigative Services (NIS) provided me extraordinary personal executive protection in June 1999. I had experienced the threat of personal harm upon my appointment as the Executive Vice President and CEO of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA). The motivation for such threats was based upon the fact that I am an African-American woman.

NIS provided thoughtful, courteous, attentive and utterly professional service to both me and the Association throughout this ordeal. They provided executive protection and escort detail to me at my first Annual Meeting as CEO. The fact that this protection occurred during a 60,000 person trade show at the Merchandise Mart was all the more commendable. NIS provided security at the Association Headquarters office as well. Kai Joy and his group exemplify professionalism, sensibility and sensitivity under arduous circumstances. At no point during my time with them did I feel underprotected, exposed or threatened. They were at all times and in all manner discreet in their duties.

I would highly recommend their services to any organization at any level of protection required.

Should you have further questions regarding NIS and its services to me, please to not hesitate to contact me.


Cheryl S. Durst
Executive Vice President/CEO
International Interior Design Association (IIDA)

Marketing Connections Group, Inc.

I would like to thank you and your agency for your assistance over the summer. Your staff handled the executive protection of our performers with the utmost professionalism. They were thorough, courteous, and thoughtful. I look forward to working with you all again in the future.


Lisa Tiemann
Marketing Connections