Risk Mitigation

Risks can come in many forms, and affect a wide variety of industries and client types.  Failing to identify and address potential risks can have a broad range of implications. NIS Consulting Group applies a proprietary process to assist its clients in identifying potential vulnerabilities, implementing practices to reduce exposure, and effectively responding to potential incidents as they arise. Some of the areas we commonly assist in include:

  • Workplace violence
  • Threats of violence against a person or establishment
  • Stalking cases
  • Residential safety & security
  • Site security surveys
  • Event/Venue assessments
  • Issues unique to high-net-worth families
  • Audits of existing emergency and contingency plans

Support Services to Industry Professionals:

NIS is often called upon by HR professionals, security directors, clinical psychologists and mitigation specialists to assist in situations where an incident is evolving, or has occurred. From assisting in the investigation of an incident, to providing discreet security and protective services, our staff has the capability and competencies to effectively support your needs.