Protective Services

Executive Protection

It is NIS Consulting Group’s uncommon approach to providing executive protection services that has led to over a decade of successful service to long term clients in the corporate, high-net-worth, and entertainment spheres.  Our service is delivered from a perspective of providing value through safety, information, and convenience; with security as a by-product of those efforts.  With this in mind, there is a tight focus on attention to detail with thorough planning and preparation, while always preserving the confidentiality of our clients’ affairs.

As a result of the excellent service NIS provides, our clientele have realized value in an executive protection provider who realizes the need to focus on preparing for medical emergencies, maintaining an on-going intelligence gathering effort, and protecting the brand name, reputation, interests and assets of the client.  Services are delivered by discrete professionals, ensuring that the client experience is one of minimal disruption in their established routines.

Supporting Visiting Executive Protection Teams

Our ability to support visiting executive protection teams is part of what makes NIS Consulting Group the provider of choice in Chicago for some of the most prominent executive protection details in the world.  We provide the following services on a routine basis:

  • Advance and Logistical Support
  • Route Advances
  • Secure Transportation
  • Additional EP Agents
  • Event Personnel

We partner with those teams to maintain the level of service established by the visiting detail.  We welcome inquiries about how we may support your visit.