About Us

Who We Are

To best understand who we are, it is important to first understand who we are not. NIS is not a security guard company or part of a large conglomerate. We do not provide uniformed security guards or patrol strip malls.  NIS Consulting Group, Ltd., has been providing professional security services to its clients for over a decade. Founded by Kai M. Joy in 1999, NIS Consulting Group, Ltd. is a small, highly-specialized Chicago based investigative, protective, and risk management agency providing comprehensive, professional and discreet services to a wide variety of clientele.

What We Do

Since its inception, NIS has provided specialized security, protective services and secure transportation to several fortune 100 companies, high-net-worth individuals, notable personalities, and not-for-profit organizations. NIS routinely assists businesses in planning for, and addressing, workplace & employee related issues, incident management and emergency preparedness. Our investigative division provides in-depth investigative services to corporations, attorneys, insurance companies, HR departments, and a variety of businesses. We are relied upon by our clients to find the answers they need to make informed decisions. The combination of our investigative and protective expertise often merges when conducting vulnerability, threat, and site assessments.  

Understanding Our Clientele

Because we understand no two clients are the same, it is paramount that we have a true understanding of each client’s individual needs, objectives and expectations. From that understanding we can set forth in providing them with the appropriate plan and personnel to best serve them. We also understand that our job is not only to protect our clients from harm, but also to protect them from inconvenience, delay, embarrassment, and negative exposure. It is this understanding that sets us apart from other providers.  

Our Commitment to Confidentiality

At NIS, the confidentiality of our clientele is held in high regard.  For this reason we do not disclose a “client list” nor post photographs of our agents with or near our clients.  This commitment to confidentiality is, in part, why we have been able to maintain a mostly referral based clientele.  The only items you will find within this site that identify client information derive from endorsements, or letters of recommendation, that have been provided by those clients.

 What Sets Us Apart

We believe what sets us apart from other protection companies is our ongoing commitment to training and our real world approach to addressing ALL areas of protection and safety. We understand that our job is not only to protect individuals and groups from harm, but to also protect them from inconvenience, embarrassment and negative exposure.
 We will be prepared.